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Personalized customer health indicators

Carry out proactive tracking and timely detect those customers at risk.
Measure your customer's health based on product usage variables, service quality, profitability, NPS, and much more.
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Actionable recommendations for each customer.

As you build a relationship with your customer, Bonder will recommend improvement opportunities.
Turn your Customer Success Team into generators of additional revenue, reducing churn and creating upselling opportunities.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Create unbeatable customer onboarding's plans

Build client-facing onboarding playbooks, share them with your new clients and improve their onboarding experience.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers using Bonder.
"Bonder simplifies our new clients’ onboarding. It’s very easy to use and makes the CS team achieve their goals more efficiently and in sync with the whole company."
Iñaki Sanchez CEO & Co-founder MentaTicket.com
Iñaki Sanchez
CEO & Co-Founder,
"We have significantly improved our integration times. Clients get onboarded faster and with a better experience."
Facundo Blanco Directo Tivifly.com
Facundo Blanco
"Bonder has been a game changer! It helped us to automate our onboarding process and improve our conversion rates."
Simon Bouche CMO & Co-founder Takenos.com
Simón Bouché
CMO & Co-Founder,